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Blessing’s curse?

Money: Blessing's Curse? | Gospel Brew

Money. Cashola. Dosh. Mullah. Whatever we call it, we certainly burn through our fair share of it here in Australia. And it burns through many of us in our society, just as quickly. Here in Perth, the costs of living are extremely high. I am confronted on nearly a daily basis with the site of homelessness on the streets of our city. ...

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Harambe and Our Culture of Shame

An endangered Silverback Gorilla was put down to protect the life of a young child

I think a lot of people view the idea of shame in terms of the Disney classic – Mulan. We loved that dragon Mushi, and we’re sure we know how shame works. I do something wrong, and I bring shame upon my whole family. Something right and; “you’ll bring honour to us all”, or so the song goes. We think it’s stuff for simpler, ...

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The Script

Actors performing at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London

There’s nothing like the cold cup of reality thrown upon the dreams of youth. I mean, I never said it was nice – but there really is nothing like it. And unless you’re one of the few who dodged the cold, dreamed big and made it – then you’ll be in the same boat as me. The dreamer When I was 19, ...

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Christmas Diapers: The After Christmas Story

Christmas Diapers the after Christmas story | Gospel Brew

It’s Christmas plus three weeks. The advent calendars are closed. The presents have been opened or regifted. Families have been seen, stomachs filled, the Christmas lights have lit up our kids faces and the carols have been sung. We’ve started thinking about how long we can leave the Christmas tree up for (mine is down already), and wondering just how long the Christmas left overs will ...

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Fathers, Queens and Cups of Tea

Fathers Queens and Cups of Tea | Gospel Brew

I remember being a very young man, passionate for God. I had a call to ministry on my life, and I served and sacrificed and tried and obeyed. I obeyed God because I wanted to please God, and I thought that if I pleased him, his plan for my life would come to pass. I’ve found this to be quite ...

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You Deserve It?

Lebron James from the "You Deserve It" advertisement for Beats Headphones

It’s become the selling strategy behind many an advertising campaign (starting to become quite the cliche  throw away marketing spiel). And optimises much of the attitude of western culture. You should buy this product because… You deserve it. You work hard. Your life is hard. You’re a good person. You’re too hard on yourself. You’re amazing. You deserve to treat yourself… For ...

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Heart Transplants and the New Humanity Societies

Heart Transplants and the New Humanity Societies | Gospel Brew

History testifies that the human condition is such that we need a heart transplant and not merely a better life support iSystem. If the West’s era of enlightenment with all the genuine progress that has been made for the good of humanity through the industrial, scientific, technological, medical and psychological advancements was going to find a cure for the sin-disease ...

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Bible Reading, Boredom and a Spiritual COMA Awakening

Bible Reading and a Spiritual Coma Awakening | Gospel Brew

Imagine having a conversation with someone important and your primary agenda is to see what they can do for you or what you can get out of them. Sort of like the pesky door to door salesperson just interested in the potential sale you stand for. How long do you think that conversation will last, or what do you think the ...

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The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty | Gospel brew

Much of Australia is now mourning the deaths of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the two Australian nationals executed in Indonesia this week. There is much to be said about ethics surrounding the death penalty, but that has already been covered by others. These men and their story have impacted me deeply, and remind me so much of the gospel. Like ...

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Easter, Cricket and the Gospel

Easter Cricket and the Gospel | Gospel Brew

I’m sitting here watching the Aussies thump New Zealand in the One Day Cricket World Cup Final, and thinking about lucky I am to be an Australian. And in less than a week’s time we celebrate Easter, the most holy day in the Christian calendar, the time when I think how lucky I am to be a Christian. You could say ...

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