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Euthanasia, Sampson and a Suffering God


Mention euthanasia, and you can open a can of worms on some strongly held beliefs! It has recently been brought back into the media spotlight with the investigation and suspension of Dr Philip Nitschke, director of Exit International, for allegedly assisting in the suicide of a patient. Sampson and suffering Life is a wonderful gift from God. It is not to be despised, ...

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Natural Disasters and An All Powerful God

Natural Disasters and An All Powerful God | Gospel Brew

There is a question being thrown around a lot recently, in particular aimed at Rob Bell in an interview soon after the devastation of the Boxing Day Tsunamis in 2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg-qgmJ7nzA). “Which of these is true: ‘God is all powerful, but he doesn’t care or he cares but isn’t all powerful’.” After reading it several times, I stopped to think about the ...

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