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Grace for Tools: Money and Morality

Grace for Tools | Gospel Brew

Occasionally, my wife can tell you, I can be a bit of a tool. And if there’s one area, in our first world countries that we can be a tool – it’s money. “Money can’t buy you happiness”, spoke the great Spike Milligan, “but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.” They say that Jesus spoke more about ...

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Blessing’s curse?

Money: Blessing's Curse? | Gospel Brew

Money. Cashola. Dosh. Mullah. Whatever we call it, we certainly burn through our fair share of it here in Australia. And it burns through many of us in our society, just as quickly. Here in Perth, the costs of living are extremely high. I am confronted on nearly a daily basis with the site of homelessness on the streets of our city. ...

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