Order Disorder Reorder New order?

Order, Disorder, Reorder | Gospel Brew

One of my responsibilities as a tutor with a Christian Counselling Training organisation is to assess my students written assignments, of which “Evaluate and Provide Therapy for Psychopathological Disorders” is what I am currently marking. It is interesting how in a clinical context such as the DSM-5 (the long-awaited, controversial new edition of the bible of psychiatry), the word “disorder” ...

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Do exclusive truth claims cause conflict?

Some time ago, I was conversing with an agnostic who made the statement that exclusive truth claims should be avoided, because they are what causes conflict. It’s quite a common perspective that people, even Christians hold. What it boils down to, is the importance of truth; and more importantly, how do we better understand the truth? At some level, the agnostic ...

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Natural Disasters and An All Powerful God

Natural Disasters and An All Powerful God | Gospel Brew

There is a question being thrown around a lot recently, in particular aimed at Rob Bell in an interview soon after the devastation of the Boxing Day Tsunamis in 2011 ( “Which of these is true: ‘God is all powerful, but he doesn’t care or he cares but isn’t all powerful’.” After reading it several times, I stopped to think about the ...

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