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Palm Sunday: Will I be still following Jesus by Friday?


Biblical theology teaches us that the promised redeemer will come and put all things right, restore shalom with God, myself, others and creation. As a Jesus follower, I shout, Yes! Hallelujah! I believe it! Commenting on Palm Sunday Tom Wright says, “As we arrive at Jerusalem with Jesus, the question presses upon us. Are we going along for the trip ...

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Blessing’s curse?

Money: Blessing's Curse? | Gospel Brew

Money. Cashola. Dosh. Mullah. Whatever we call it, we certainly burn through our fair share of it here in Australia. And it burns through many of us in our society, just as quickly. Here in Perth, the costs of living are extremely high. I am confronted on nearly a daily basis with the site of homelessness on the streets of our city. ...

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Heart Transplants and the New Humanity Societies

Heart Transplants and the New Humanity Societies | Gospel Brew

History testifies that the human condition is such that we need a heart transplant and not merely a better life support iSystem. If the West’s era of enlightenment with all the genuine progress that has been made for the good of humanity through the industrial, scientific, technological, medical and psychological advancements was going to find a cure for the sin-disease ...

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Bible Reading, Boredom and a Spiritual COMA Awakening

Bible Reading and a Spiritual Coma Awakening | Gospel Brew

Imagine having a conversation with someone important and your primary agenda is to see what they can do for you or what you can get out of them. Sort of like the pesky door to door salesperson just interested in the potential sale you stand for. How long do you think that conversation will last, or what do you think the ...

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Hell; God the Angry Judge?

Deal with it? Is God an angry Judge?

One of the objections I hear about the Christian faith goes something like this; “I don’t understand how could a loving God send people to hell.” At first glance there does seem to be a contradiction here. A Loving God? Judgement and Hell? Surely not. The argument concludes that God is therefore a bully – who destroys those who don’t believe in ...

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Repentance Is Not A Dirty Word

Repentance not a dirty word | Gospel Brew

Recently, I got sued. It’s something very uncomfortable to admit. I had a third party supplier fail to deliver for a project for which I was responsible. It didn’t go to court, but lawyers got involved and we eventually agreed to a figure. It was a big figure, and it’s going to affect my family financially for years to come. So ...

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Team Australia or Team Jesus?

Jesus Christ or Australia

Muslims. Extremists. ISIS. Terrorists. Our news sites are filled with stories about the latest terrorist news; atrocities, and the comments filled with anxiety about what might happen to us in Australia and Muslims not integrating into our communities. Recently, our Prime Minister coined the phrase ; “Team Australia” (reference) and said that new migrants are welcome as long as they are ...

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The Gospel Vs. Performance-Driven Christianity… Jesus Wins!

Performance based Christianity versus the Gospel Jesus Wins | Gospel Brew

I was reflecting on a great discussion that we had one night at one of our GC’s (Gospel Communities) and thought I would share my thoughts with you all, hopefully for your joy and progress in the faith today! One of the main points of discussion that we had was around this section of “The Gospel Centred Life” study material ...

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