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Heart Transplants and the New Humanity Societies

History testifies that the human condition is such that we need a heart transplant and not merely a better life support iSystem.

If the West’s era of enlightenment with all the genuine progress that has been made for the good of humanity through the industrial, scientific, technological, medical and psychological advancements was going to find a cure for the sin-disease of humanity, then surely we are closer now than ever? (Although many still deny that such a condition exists, which in and of itself is a symptom of it according to the Donor Handbook)

Yet it seems that we the collective human race have still not found what we are looking for, despite all of the excellent medical and humanitarian progress that has been made in so many areas. In spite of this, a  better and just society for all humanity is still central to our collective ongoing responsibility toward one another as we embrace the truth that we are indeed “our brothers keeper”.

new heartThere is much work for us all to do and without dismissing our humanitarian efforts, the gospel seems to insist that we need more than (and yet nothing less than) a new and better society, …we need a new heart. One that is truly, fully and gloriously human. One that is connected to the source of Life and Love, and moved by the rhythms of grace and truth for the good of all humanity and creation care.

The good news is that such a heart has been found, a Donor did come forward, offering at his own cost, to meet us wherever we are and transplant his true and better heart for our old and failing heart.

Such good news only makes sense if you realise that your old heart is indeed flawed, ingrown and diseased beyond medical and psychological cure. Such good news is only true, when you trust the One who makes the transplant offer, giving up your life into his hands, allowing his Spirit and word to cut deeper into your heart than anyone has ever done before.

It has also been rumored for a couple of millennia now, that certain transplant patients have been seeding New Humanity Societies in neighborhoods and nations wherever infected humans hearts may still be found. The Donor has offered to make heart transplant operations freely available through these Societies and their services (the previous beneficiaries of transplants have kindly offered to absorb the costs associated with the process).

Potential transplant patients need to be warned though, these New Humanity Societies, although filled with genuine heart transplant patients, are also recovery and training clinics, and as such can be quite messy and unimpressive places at times. Externally, new heart humans don’t necessary look any different to old heart humans and it often takes a human lifetime to see the effects of the new heart coming through in attitudes and actions that resemble and represent the Donors heart. Never the less, the Donor is eternally committed to these societies and never fails to deliver from his end of the deal, even calling the members “blessed” for their realisation that they are “poor in spirit”, granting them eternal membership in his organisation.

Do look out for a gathering of these “blessed” glorious human contradictions in a neighbourhood near you this weekend – many seem to gather publicly on Sundays in honour of the Donor, and quite unashamedly sing his praises and learn much from his Handbook for New Humanity Societies!

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Steve Poisat is the proud father of two young adult men, a keen surfer and fisherman, an aspiring theologian and founding pastor to Redeemer Gospel Community church in Perth, Western Australia. He has been instrumental in exposing many to the gospel, biltong and good beer.

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